Some churches know from the outset that they want a health assessment, they also want to plan their preferable future, and they want to address their structure. When that is the case, it may be wise to choose the service that Barber Church Consulting calls VisionPath. Under this service, you contract with your consultant for two years and follow the comprehensive revitalization path that is depicted in the image above.

We start with a 1-2 month process of seeking God and His perspective on His church. Following that we do a 15-week assessment of your health. Then we form a Strategic Focus Team to work on a plan for the next six months. The health assessment and planning will inform any work we need to do to revitalize your structure and organization. Finally, your consultant will coach you through the first year of using the Vision and Partnering 1-2-3 annual rhythm tool.

Interested? You can read much more about this service here. When you would like to, please contact us to discuss your interest and any questions you might have.

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