Structure and governance are not where revitalization efforts usually start. However, sometimes your church cannot move forward unless you address this area. And there is a fair amount of biblical and other support for paying close attention to structure. For example Jethro helped Moses with structure in Ex. 18. Jesus thought about it when he called the 12 in Mk. 3. And the apostles thought about it when a need arose in Acts 6. Structure and your team relationships can be a vehicle for missional effectiveness. But it can also be a significant barrier.

Barber Church Consulting has several services that can help you in this area called VisionTeam. Your team is defined broadly. It may be the relationship of your congregation and your board that needs work. On the other hand it could be clarity about which decisions should be made by the board versus the staff. Still another area is your effectiveness in being an Ephesians 4 church that knows how to mobilize volunteers in ministry.

Barber Church Consulting services in this area include training, teachable exercises, and a holistic volunteer mobilization system.

Contact us to discuss your specific questions. We can tailor a service for you.

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