Frequently, revitalization is only possible when a church is willing to re-dream its dream and purpose, and put together a plan to move toward greater health. A plan allows your church to start from today’s reality and build toward a healthier vision. If the planning process is facilitated well, it also has the capacity to build the kind of team unity that we see in Philippians 2:1-4, and it will help you see your vision realized.

Barber Church Consulting has a consulting service called VisionTune which is a team-based method of planning. It is designed to allow you to “tune” your church to a comprehensive definition of health while strengthening your bonds of unity. You will get that most out of this planning if you have first had a VisionTest church health assessment.

This consulting service preserves the authority of your board(s) and the congregation. A Strategic Focus Team is formed from your primary board, your paid staff, and other key lay leaders. Over a six month period, this team will meet with your consultant usually once a month on Saturdays. The Strategic Focus Team will identify Working Groups that are needed in areas requiring the most revitalization. Ultimately, you will have the necessary elements to write a plan mapping out your next 2-3 years.

An important feature of VisionTune is training in a ministry management tool called Vision and Partnering 1-2-3. This tool is effective in helping you keep your vision and strategies fresh as you move toward greater health.

Interested? You can read more about our planning process or contact us to discuss this further.

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